All your frequently asked questions answered right here!

1. I'm not a builder, architect or designer, but can I still come into your showroom to have a look at stone?

Yes, you’re most welcome to come in and have a look at our wide range of natural and engineered stone for your design project.

2. If I come to see your selection, could someone help me through and show me around, and do you have onsite parking?

Our staff are very friendly, and happy to show you our wide range of stone, we offer help when needed and give you time to browse. We also have ample parking. 

3. What makes you different from other slab importers?

Complete Marble & Granite has amassed one of South Australia’s largest collections of stone sourced from around the world.  Our range includes limestone, marble, breccia, granite, quartzite, travertine, onyx and engineered stone. As every customer is unique and projects so varied, we understand that customers need a wide range of choice. 


4. What else makes you stand out from the rest of the slab wholesalers?

We have friendly and helpful customer service which is backed with knowledge from over 30 years experience in the stone industry. We also offer free and prompt delivery service. 

5. Should I bring samples of the other finishes for my renovation?

Yes, it is always helpful to bring along samples of your cabinetry and flooring to assist with the selection of the stone. 

6. Isn't Marble or Granite just too expensive, do you have an affordable range of stone?

We do have a wide range of stone ranging from the affordable range right through to the boutique range. Every slab has a product specification sheet which shows the name, price range, and country of origin. 

7. How much choice and variety in marble, granite and quartzite is there, and do you have book matched slabs?

Complete Marble and Granite has in excess of 140 varieties of marble, granite, quartzite & engineered stone to choose from.  Our enormous warehouse showroom is neat and organised, so our customers can view this large selection with ease. Some varieties of marble, granite and quartzite are book matched to help you achieve that continuous pattern over longer distances.

Bookmatch -Statuarietto S-0916 slabs ..JPG

8. Can I really have natural marble or granite benchtop for my kitchen, I’ve heard that it can stain?

Some natural stone can stain, but the good news is that natural stone can be sealed to prevent staining! The degree of porosity to absorb stains depends on the stone type.  A good sealer should protect against staining, and not change the look of the stone. Some sealers will protect for years  before needing to be re-applied. Ask your stone fabricator about sealing the stone, they may do this for you, provide a sealer to do it yourself or put you in contact with a contractor who perform this service and offers a guarantee. 

9. Can we buy natural stone directly from Complete Marble and Granite?

Yes you can, ask us about your stone requirements and we’ll assist you through the process.

10. Can we take photos of your stone?

We encourage you to take photos of the slabs, so you can review them later at home at your leisure, and taking photos of the stone specification sheet will help keep a record of your colour/stone choices.

11. Do we need to make an appointment?

Our friendly staff are available during business hours with no appointments necessary.  Once you have chosen your stone colour, you will need to make an appointment to choose your individual slabs. 

12. My project is not yet ready to install the stone, can I purchase it now and store it with you until it’s required for my project?

Absolutely!  We understand each stone piece is unique and that different shipments will vary in patterning & colouring, so we are more than happy to help you secure the stone of your choice now, and deliver when required.


13. I don’t have a builder, designer, cabinet maker or kitchen renovation company to suggest a stone fabricator to cut and install the stone for my project, can you help me with that?

Yes, we can give you the names of several fabricators who are located in your area and can help you to achieve the results you require.